Kids Space not meeting at the moment due to the Sydney Lockdown but we are hoping to be back for Term 3!

We have additional COVID-Safe procedures in place to ensure

that we are gathering safely and wisely. Some of these include: 
- smaller groups throughout the morning

- regular hand washing & sanitising times 

- social distancing of leaders from children where possible

-significant cleaning procedures before & after

What can you expect? 

1. Check in station separate for pre-school and primary ages

2. Teaching times in section groups
(Under 5s, K-2s, 3-5s) 

3. Small group times in year groups

4. Take home resources and family talking points 

Download all our Covid safety plans & information here: 



St Andrew's connecting with young families

in our local community 

Join us on Thursday mornings from 10am for a morning of fun, play, community and more! 

Due to Covid we are no longer providing morning tea, so please feel free to bring some snacks for your child. 
No nuts onsite.  

Feel free to contact 

for details or if you have any questions.  



A place for year 5&6 kids to gather in a safe, fun environment to hear the gospel

Join us for fun, friends, and more each Friday afternoon. 

Year 5&6 kids. 

Friday arvos, from 3pm (straight from school)

Pick up at 5:00pm. 

Children in upper primary are not just filled with energy and excitement but also concerned for their world and seek to understand it. We hope to encourage curiosity and exploration of the Christian faith and how that impacts us and our world. 

What can you expect? 

Free play 

Wide Games 

Teaching time & Small group activities 

More Games!